Event images of
the Kingdom of 13 Roads

The Principality of 13Roads’s
Weapon Master / Dragon Master


Rise of the Tyrant:
The Principality of 13Roads’s Mid Reign


Lodge Con 2022

11/5/2022 - 11/6/2022

Meet me at the Crossroads:
The Principality of 13Roads’s End Reign

10/7/2022 - 10/9/2022

Knight's Rest invasion of Lost Winds


Lost Winds Weapon Master Dragon Master


The Principality of 13Roads’s Spring End Reign 2022

5/6/2022 - 5/8/2022

13 Road's invasion of Scholar's Stronghold


Haven Hills / Forsaken Sancuary:
Joint Corination 2021


Opening Weekend in 13 Roads after the long dark days!

5/1/2021 - 5/2/2021

After many months away to protect others from the Plague of our lands, we emerged to fight again!

PeoriaCon 2020


The first major recruiting event!  Great fun was had and 60+ People tried Amtgard for the first time!  Whoops! (Who forgot the camera!)

One Fo(u)r All


The first event of the year! Picked up sticks, and shook off the seasonal rust of winter. Fought with old friends, or made new ones. Talked about what works for their game, and ours (It was a cross game event).  Talked about exciting news in our region.