Who are We?

We are the Kingdom of 13 Roads!

The newest Kingdom in Amtgard!

What is Amtgard you ask?

Amtgard is a fantasy styled medieval combat(with safely padded weapons), culture, and sciences organization.
No matter if your interest is competitive sports fighting, finding an outlet for your creative talents, or honing your leadership skills; Amtgard has something to offer you!

Parks of
the Kingdom of 13 Roads

Our Kingdom encompasses much of Illinois. We have twelve Parks under our banner. With Parks in:
Bloomington, Champaign, Danville, Springfield, Lincoln, Freeport, Seneca, Chillicothe, Kankakee, Lockport, Alton, And Macomb...With More Joining all the time!

Come visit us on our Social Medias or drop us a line on Discord for more information.

The Kingdom of 13 Roads
Monarchy Team

The populous of 13 Roads elected these Citizen Players to represent and lead us for a period of six months.


Onishi Katzushinsei

Prime Minister

Selora Dawnblight

Guild Master of Reeves

Jac'koo the Mad


Ahuic Mistress of Crafts


Captain Krieg Hellbourne, Esquire